Massage Therapy Schools

Massage Therapy Schools

Massage therapy schools are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the healthcare training industry today. Numerous surveys have revealed that almost a thousand massage therapy schools offering massage training courses are available in the United States alone. So what more if worldwide? I bet millions of massage therapy schools are now available throughout the world, excluding those university and technical colleges offering massage instruction courses.

With the ever-growing number of massage therapy schools and the varieties of massage techniques, there’s no doubt that those who wish to learn massage must first consider trying the different massages to determine which area of specialization they might be interested in. Perhaps taking a trial apprenticeship is an excellent move to take. But the problem is where exactly to take a trial apprenticeship for massage? Well, if that is your concern, then stop worrying. Below are some of the most trusted and established massage therapy schools that may help you find your “Tao.” These schools are located in the US. Consider the following:


The American Institute of Clinical Massage

The American Institute of Clinical Massage is, in the first place, one of the most well-known northwest massage therapy schools located in North Idaho. This institution offers a full curriculum of professional massage therapy and continuing education courses. According to some claims, the American Institute of Clinical Massage offers none but a challenging and rewarding education in the field of clinical massage, hence the name. And today, AICM, as it is commonly called, is deemed the largest massage therapy school in entire North Idaho.


Atlanta School of Massage

Another well-established name in healthcare is the Atlanta School of Massage. This institution is located in Dunwoody, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. It offers massage therapy programs with a particular focus on the holistic and integrated approach to massage therapy. As far as I know, the massage therapy programs offered by this institution include Foundation courses that generally combine the scientific knowledge of the body and the use of various massage techniques. Unlike the other massage therapy schools, the Atlanta School of Massage offers a Clinical Practicum Course to give you invaluable and supervised experience in delivering massage to the public.


Chicago School of Massage Therapy

Founded in 1981, the Chicago School of Massage Therapy has provided an inspired education to those who wish to take up massage for personal therapeutic purposes. Like the other mentioned massage therapy schools, this organization offers a comprehensive curriculum to prepare its students for a better healthcare career. So if you are also living in Chicago and interested in taking up massage studies, then the Chicago School of Massage Therapy might be the right school for you to join.


Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is finally out there to give the citizens of Arizona the chance to learn therapeutic massage. Unlike the other mentioned massage therapy schools, the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is a state-approved school for massage and bodywork. It is currently one of the most recognized massage therapy schools in the entire state of Arizona. Perhaps this school is unique because it offers different areas associated with massage therapy, including yoga training, hypnotherapy, life coaching, and a lot more.

There are other well-known massage therapy schools out there. Perhaps the best way to find them is to search for them online, as several massage therapy schools have established their names on the web. Those schools mentioned above can be found online, so check them out if you want to know more about their programs.