Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Many of you have heard about sports massage and its techniques and benefits. But, although everything about sports massage has already been said, there is nothing more excellent than continue learning new things about the massage and reviewing what you have learned from it. It is for this fact that this article is written.

Sports massage, as you may know, is a form of massage applied for sports purposes, hence the name. It is the technique of kneading and manipulating the soft tissues in the body to help athletes improve their performance and prevent and treat sports injuries. It is highly considered in sports knowing that as participation in sports becomes more popular for all genders and ages and as performances continue to improve annually, more is expected and demanded from the athletes. With this situation, athletes start looking for effective ways to boost their performances, and sports massage is one of the best solutions they’ve ever discovered.


What Happens During a Sports Massage Session?

Sports massage is typically used in three courses: before, during, and after athletic events. Before the event or the application of the massage, it is typical that the sports massage therapist will take a sort of medical history to determine your past and present health condition. The study includes relevant information about your particular sport, your past and present health condition, and the injuries you may have suffered. This particular check-up is considered for the notion that every sports massage treatment will be unique to every individual and the sport. So as individuals and sports differ, with different athletic goals and states of fitness, the response to the treatment will also be different.

There are other sorts of examinations that will be undertaken throughout the sports massage session. More of these tests are aimed at boosting your strength and flexibility, so it’s no wonder that a pain-free range of movements is also considered during the session. Well, all the manipulations involved in the massage are “hands-on.” The sports massage therapist will then employ a combination of exercises and massages for one particular purpose: to strengthen and release the soft tissues in the body for them to function correctly. But, the question is, is sports massage a treatment that involves only “hands-on” manipulation? My answer is “No,” as there are some instances that machinery and infrared are considered for added benefits.

Sports massage also involves the use of different techniques of massage, such as neuromuscular therapy, acupressure, soft tissue releases, and trigger point therapy. These techniques are usually combined, but when treating sports injuries, the type of massage commonly considered is the so-called remedial massage. With this technique, athletes are expected to feel energized, balanced, and ready for new action in the end.


What Makes Sports Massage So Special?

Sports massage offers several benefits to athletes. As mentioned earlier, it helps to make the athlete feel good, but more than that, the massage has the power to reduce the blood pressure and heart rate. Numerous studies also revealed that sports massage helps to improve lymphatic and blood flow, enhances flexibility, and relieves pain and muscle tension. The techniques involved during the massage session are even deemed ideal for promoting more excellent athletic performance and endurance, reducing recovery time, and, of course, lessening the chances of sports injury. All of these are possible with sports massage.